hi everyone~
im very happy that u r here at my blog
so generally everybody call me Hasif or aceh...i really like 
men's fashion look...OBVIOUSLY...I  am male(as u can see)
single,nobody loves  me...haahah(DRAMA)...now im still studying
and i dont want to elaborate more about my studies...because kinda 
boring...hehe~this blog mostly about mens fashion...i really like LOUIS VUITTON,BOTTEGA VENETA,DSQUARED2,DOLCE GABBANA,BURBERRY,
PRADA AND any HIGH fashion brand.BUT at my age and status as student...i only can day dreaming about wearing those branded clothes..ONE DAY
maybe..hahahah...i really like watching AMERICA'S NEXT TOP MODEL
because to obsess in modeling world...hehheeh..my favorite model is OFC TYRA BANK,ADRIANA LIMA,GISELE BUNDCHEN,HEIDI KLUM AND lots more..
my style basically..mix and match...depends on my TASTE AND SENSE..hopefully im not one of the FASHION VICTIMs.... LOL
the most important thing in fashion...is CONFIDENT and do understand your status,environment,body size,body shape and the way u want to express yourself..although we try so hard to be perfect..we will never be.

 from preciousembroidery(meanhasif)  
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  • age:20 YO(2010)

P/S:kalau ade grammatical error..pham2 jela..ank jati melayu